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47 : Her name was Georgia

[24] Andrej Pejic tumblr graphics
made for Challenge #39 @ landofart

Work at Your Own Pace

my card :

{001} Yellow
Yellow was the second prompt I worked on. I mean how could I not? I took the pic from Andrej's Fashion Canada magazine editorial, in which he is wearing a beautiful yellow dress. I don't have to do all the work, he's already beautiful in it and it fits the prompt well. But of course, I went overboard playing with textures as I just went on tumblr texture spree. I added a piece of pic of his pretty yellow eyeshadow, the quote is from the magazine, and this is the final result
{002} Blend
For blend I picked two pictures from Jean Paul Gaultier's James Blonde runway. It supposed to be as simple as blending two (or more) pictures together, but this wasn't easy to do. Originally I had a different concept but it didn't work out. There are blends I felt more successfully made in the past, especially of this runway show.

{003} Four Squares
I don't think I've ever done a successful four squares, lol. But I like how this turned out :) The photoshoot was awesome overall, I just love the pink tone of it, so I enhance it by adding elements that compliment the color scheme.
{004} Horror
Now horror, is tricky. I had a better, more horror-ish concept but I sucked so bad at executing it. I picked the prompt trying to challenge myself to do things out of the box, , but horror is just NOT my genre, lol.

{005} Dream
I had imagined what I'm going to do with the prompt and which pic I would use since a while ago. I like the result, and I spent quite some time on it trying to make the manip look smooth, but I can't help but wonder why I didn't pick the prompt 'angelic' instead XD
{006} Hair
Hair, hair, hair. It sounds like a super easy prompt, but I really struggle to fill it. I have concepts, but they don't really work out at all. Finally I gave in and use this set of pics, they are made for this prompt. The only problem that made me hesitate to use this was it came from magazine scans, and not digital data so the quality isn't perfect.

{007} Negative Space
This is also very simple, and this is a picture I've edited a thousand times before, I just love this shot. The vulnerability of Andrej's face, Andrej's hair, his outfits, everything. This is a PERFECT picture to rotate this way. And I've actually done it for an icon challenge. This time though, the prompt isn't rotate and is negative space so I created this 'space' below him. I think it works, but I've made this a while ago so it might lost its charm for me :p
{008} Block
Blocking isn't my thing either, at this point I don't know why I kept choosing prompts that I don't do to challenge myself, but I ended up with something I've done before lol. For block, I use a very easy and common blocking technique, with pics from caps of a very V magazine valentine (?) video by Justin Wu. These gifs has been done like 1000 times on tumblr, but I wanted to make one myself, Andrej is very pretty in this.

{009} Boxes
Now this, is one of my weakness. I don't do boxes/blocks on my graphics and when I do, it's usually very simple. I forgot how I ended up with this, but partly because I was in love with that fashion magazine spread and the bra ad, lol. I think it looks okay, I mean it took a lot of effort to make, and it looks great, I just wish I could do something better, but boxes are just not my thing.
{010} No Eyes
This is pretty simple, simple coloring, simple photo. The only thing not simple about the original pic was Andrej's eye make-up. Which I dislike, so I think covering the eyes with a texture for this prompt was a good idea.

{011} Light
Bases are from Fiasco magazine outtakes. I think the top picture makes it look like he is looking for his light. I added light texture and a quote about light, I hope it's not an overkill, lol.
{012} Story
Story. I was going to make like a movie poster, but ended up with this, that somehow looks like a book cover that tells the story of the life of the androgynous male model :)

{013} Contrast
I think these two pictures is really a contrast, on one picture Andrej is portrayed as very calm person, with almost no make up and dark background. The other one portrayed him as a rebel, with his middle finger up and heavy make-up and lipstick.
{014} Text
I wanted to come up with something really focuses on text, but I felt like I just did it for the Text and Nothing but Text challenge. For this I used texts from Andrej's interview for Fashion Canada magazine.

{015} Fire
I got the prompt 'fire' for fandom365days and it was not easy. I went with a photo of Andrej wearing red-orange shirt with his hair flying, which I thought was 'fire-y' without the actual fire. There's this shot for helmut lang, in which Andrej is holding a jacket that is on fire. I thought it was pretty cool. I don't really like the shot because of Andrej's hairstyle and pose (and also because he is topless), but I still think the fire made the shot looks great. I wanted to use the pic and do something about it, but it just won't work. So I went to look for more pics when I found this picture of Andrej wearing a wicked outfit by Yuima Nakazato. I just thought it was perfect for this prompt.

{016} Mirror
I chose this prompt because I knew exactly which pic I wanted to use for this. Unfortunately, I've worked with the pic (cap) before so it's not even a remake, I cheated. I open my old PSD, make some adjustment, change the canvas size, and then added a text on it. I liked the result, and it was exactly what I imagined it would be but of course, I was not satisfied. It wasn't purely made for this challenge. So I went and look for other pics from the same photoshoot and check if there's any I could use for the same concept. And turns out, andrejpejic-portfolio had just added one more photo that wasn't featured before, maybe it's from follow #5 app for ipad. I happily took that, combine it with an older pic, and I got a brand new piece :)

{017} Glow
In the original pic, Andrej's hair was glowing in blue from the lighting of the venue he was at. I tried to bring the blue out, but it still felt lacking something, so I added a texture. I like the pic, but meh.
{018} Film
I LOVE film textures, polaroid textures and other things that is related with old school photography. I combined the pics with the texture and that was pretty much it.

{019} Silhouette
It was not really easy since I have to find a perfect profile pic but the pic also needs to be dark so I could put another picture inside it that I'm going to set on screen layer. However, I couldn't find the so called perfect pic so I have to make the base my own. I accentuate the silhouette shape using path, and darkened that area. For the picture inside, I chose yet another pic from Fashion magazine, and sadly (or not really) it's black and white. Which means I have to work on a b/w canvas overall though I would love to have some colors.
{020} Red
I have to admit it, this is not ~really original, I kind of remade this from an icon I made for fandom365days. The way he poses is just asking to be cropped like that. Seriously, I think it's the perfect way to crop it. I was extremely happy and flaily when I saw this pic because holy shit he's pretty and he wears RED! I know he wears red before like in Schon magazine but I feel like most of the times, he doesn't wear color and it's frustrating!

{021} Texture
Well look at me, trying to do the trend everybody is doing on tumblr, lol. This is a piece I am proud of :) I've tried the technique on a million different pics but this one is the perfect match. To save you some time if you're trying this technique : close-up pics of a dark haired person works better. Trying to make this work for blonde haired person's pic is hell. Anyway, it's a cute thing to try. I know slayground made this popular on tumblr and her post got hundreds of notes, but I found her tutorial really hard to read because of the nature of the site & layout, so I use the original one as reference. It's really easy to follow and understand.
{022} Black & White
When making each prompt, sometimes it goes so well and I get a final result in one go, and other times, I tried a thousand times and still not feeling it. This one actually came from a base I made for the contrast prompt that I felt didn't really work out. But when I looked at it again, with some more work it actually could. So after adding text and texture and the torn effect, it looked pretty decent. I really like the dusty effect texture and the torn paper effect :)

{023} Repeat
This was originally made for block, but then I changed my mind and I'm submitting it for repeat, while I switch the one originally for repeat as text, lol. Yes I'm recycling my failed works. I like this "boy Andrej" photos from Domenico+Savio. Glad to discover more pics I haven't seen before :)
{024} Circular
I LOVE this texture! It's by wicked-fate on tumblr and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I just had to use it for this challenge. Unfortunately though, it's really hard to find a set of two pics that really work for the texture, considering the shape and composition. I ended up with pics form Vogue Italia.

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