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49 : Eunhyuk mood theme

Eep, I haven't posted anything here in months!! Now I'm back with a new obsession : Eunhyuk of Super Junior.
I really wanted a mood theme of him, but couldn't find any, so I decided to make one =)
customisable counter

| 132 moods (80x40, borderless) | full preview |
| Download .zip (955 KB) : | MF |

Instruction to install for LJ : here @ crackified
Instruction to install for DW : here @ [personal profile] choi (paid accounts only!)

(please use adminconsolecodes.txt that is included in my zip, and direct all your questions in this post and not at their post, thank you)

Many thanks to :
Photo owners who shared their photos online.
Maintainers of various Super Junior and Eunhyuk blogs and fansites.
Photos are properties of their respective owner, sorry I can't credit each of them one by one!

Please comment when you download and credit if you use, enjoy! :)
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